Peace lost, and a lost Scholar

-[12 Years ago] Kingdom of Relanisia-

Relanisia had been a pleasant place to live.  There was little strife, little destruction.  Lynn herself may not have spent a lot of time actually paying attention to it, too busy was she in her books, studies and research.  The tomes of those long gone were far more interesting to Lynn than anything nature had to offer her.  And then, one day, that all changed.

Her world started to die, started to bleed as some new, strange, and dark force began to pervert and tear apart the world she lived in.  Warriors once considered the pinnacleof their art, fell like leaves in fall.  Magi who had grown to the height of their power, were brushed aside as one would brush a bug aside.  Even armies stood no chance against this evil force.


-[Today] Kingdom of Relanisia-

So what could one little elven mage, one little scholar hope to do that the greatest powers could not?  She could save what knowledge, experiences, words and insights she could, and run.  That's all she COULD do, was run.  She was no warrior, no great magi, she was just, a scholar.  And for twelve years, as her world turned into a darkened, horrible husk of a world, she hide, she fled, and she struggled.  With a world that no longer gave life to plants and animals, finding enough food to sustain her these last 12 years, had proven difficult.

Lynn sat, hidden in a cave that'd yet to be tainted too extensively by the Dark Lord's presence, quietly writing what she could recollect of the days before the Dark Lord, and what had occurred in the 12 years since his arrival.  Even if she eventually fell pray to the evil that corrupted so much, she hoped that her journals, memoirs, whatever you wanted to call them, survived so that should any ever come to this realm, be it long after the Dark Lord's passing, or in pursuit of him, would know, could know, what this place had been like, when it'd gone wrong, and by who's hand it had.

'And by the hand of the Dark Lord, the once majestic kingdom of Relanisia was crushed, his armies of once pure warriors, mages, and armies, all corrupted or worse, the monsters that supplemented them, all long thought lost to the ancient mysteries of the world, marched, coming as conquerors to a land that'd not known war for many a century.  The ancient walls fell with startling ease, and the king's banner, the once proud griffin on a sapphire blue field, was stained with the blood of the monarch it was once held to protect.

After that day, the world began to fall and either be forced to their knees, or willing bent them to avoid the destruction spreading like a plague across the realm.  Those few still willing to fight were slaughtered, resistances crushed and rebellions crumbled as fast as they formed.  Only I, Lynn Taldeer, have retained mind sound enough to write these words, now 12 years after the Dark Lord's arrival, as a warning, and a beacon of hope, for I do not doubt that even I, will fall to his might, though be it blade or corruption, I can not say.'

She closed the tome, inking the title of the book on it's spine to mark the first of her writings on the Siege of Darkness.  Her stories.   Her only mark for a world filled with despair and horrors.  She only hoped she could find a way to a place far from the Dark Lord's effects, or if not that, she could finish her books well before she became just another willing thrall, slave, whatever the Dark Lord deemed her status to be in his cruel rule, when the corruption that coursed through everything these days finally took it's hold on her.

The End

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