Chronicle of Relanisia

Three realms, tied together by fate. As a madman tries to unlock the secrets of the three realms, he unleashes something terrible and ancient. Now, six heroes from across the realms come together to make right what is wrong. For some it is a quest for answers, others a chance at redemption. The fate of three worlds hangs in the balance...

Twelve years ago...

In the realm of Escartes, a land where steam power was dominate, a lone scientist, Daedalus Arkham, discovered an ancient rune tablet. This tablet was unlike anything the world had to offer, as if it had come from another plane of existence. It spoke of three worlds, each connected to one another, acting as a seal of some sort. The scientist was curious at first, wondering what it could mean... and then curiosity gave way to obsession.

Determined to understand the very nature of existence, he began an experiment. Playing with forces he did not understand, he tried to open a dimensional portal to another realm.

Who could have foreseen the consequences of his actions?


Around the same time, in the land of Ixion, a land of steel and sorcery, a knight named Alexander Kahner had found a similar tablet, and like Arkham, found it to be quite interesting. The tablet told of an ancient war, when the three realms had once been one, and a terrible evil that was sealed away by splitting the one realm into three, a magic so powerful that Alexander couldn't hope to understand it.  he felt the need to guard such knowledge from the world, including his own family.

And he paid a high price that day.

For when Arkham began his experiment... he opened portals in all three of the dimensions: Escartes, Ixion, and Relanisia. And Alexander was sucked into the portal leading from Ixion to Relanisia... but along the way... he felt something cling onto his very soul and latch there, like a parasite, wanting power and destruction...

Alexander came out in a land very similar to Ixion, but not quite the same. It had a slightly more majestic feel to it, almost greater. When the world split into three the realms went their separate routes, each being completely different from the other while still being familiar.

But Alexander could not enjoy it. His soul was rotting... his heart growing darker and more foul... and all the sunshine, the light, the happiness... irritated him.

That was twelve years ago...


Present day: the Realm of Ixion

Castle Ixion


"So, who do we have here?" One of the guards asked, peering into the cell. Sitting there was a red haired woman, no older than 17, with emerald green eyes and dressed in tattered rags. There was a sad air about her, a layer of misfortune... and the smell of blood on her hands.

"That's our newest guest, as the king would put it. Her name is Aria. She was the leader of a bandit group that have been harassing the king's caravans for some time now. We managed to ambush her little group instead, though, and slaughtered them all... the king demanded, however, we bring her alive." The second guard responded.

"Do you think she has anything to do with the rebellion?"

"That's probably why he wanted her alive. We aren't sure if she is or not."

"I kinda feel... sorry for her." The guard said, looking through the bars. "She looks so sad."

"Probably cursing herself for getting caught." His companion said. "You're way too sensitive."

"I don't know... it looks deeper than that."

"Again, too sensitive. Just leave her be for today. She has a date with the torture chamber tomorrow." The other guard left, leaving Aria alone with the man who sympathized for her.

"Do you need anything? Some water perhaps?"

"Water sounds lovely... I haven't had anything to drink all day." Aria finally responded.

"Alright." The guard turned his back to her. "You know, I'm surprised. I can't believe someone as soft spoken as you could be a-"

Aria rushed forward and grabbed the guard from behind through the bars. "Don't judge others by appearance. It often leads to regret." Aria knocked him out and stole the keys hanging from his belt, and unlocked the door.

"A rebellion, huh? Sounds interesting... maybe I'll join up."

The End

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