She continues on with a hairbrushMature

"Cry all you wan't little man." His Mommy said as she continued to bring her hand down onto his small, and now very quickly glowing red backside. "It won't do you any good."

Christopher, whose butt was in more agony than he ever had imagined could not even consider what was being said to him at that moment, all he knew was that he needed this to stop very soon or he didn't think he would have a butt left to even sit on. It was during these thoughts that he missed the fact he had been asked a question because the next thing he knew was that the paddling had stopped and he had thought it was over.

"I'm sorry Mommy for being bad, I promise I will be good for now on... I promise." He spoke softly as he continued to cry silently to himself.

"Oh young man, don't you think for one minute we are done here! I told you you were getting my brush and you are." As his mommy said this she pulled out the brush and started to bring it down on poor little Christopher's backside!

The End

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