I refuse to say sorry and leave willinglyMature

...three", she counts, and proceeds to grab my hand "disobedience will grant you a spanking, you should do as I told you, young man" she reaches for my jean shorts and unbuttons them, tugging it down to the floor.

I look at her with teary eyes as I plead "please no...not here, I'll do as you told, please!" she sternly looks at me "I gave you a chance, and now the nice nurse will see your bare bottom spanked" she undoes the diaper as well, putting it aside and proceeds to pick me up and lay me across her lap.

Without wasting time, she brings her hand down hard and fast across my bottom, quickly turning it into a bright shade of pink. I yelp loud, the sharp sting catching me by surprise, unable to remember the last time I got spanked by anyone before. I kick my legs and place my hands on her leg as I try to keep my head up, the sting and embarrassment taking a toll on me as I break emotionally, tears flowing freely as I sob between the cries...

The End

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