Crime does not payMature

Christopher is a man, that committed a crime. In this universe criminals are rejuved to small children, where they are taught to be good citizens.

Here i was. a 26 year old man that was in some sort of clinic. I was tied down to a table while the doctor and some nurses were busy going around me and pressing lots of buttons. 

The last few days went so fast. I was arrested for kidnapping a child and I was totally innocent. You see one of my co-workers asked me to collect their child at work. He told me what the name was and how they looked. I picked up the child, and guess what? It was not even his child. 

The co-worker pretended he knew nothing about it. I suppose he has that promotion that i was promised. 

As for me I was dragged into court and they told me that i was to be a penitatas. This meant i was to be rejunevated to a child, and would be raised to be a productive child through discipline and structure. 

This was my last few minutes as a man. The judges words were going through my head. I would be living in the Rura V Colony. 

The End

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