Gabriel's Gift and a HangingMature

Lou looked at Tairas as he set up his chess board, tiny shot glasses made up the pieces with a little picture painted on each to show which piece it was supposed to be.

“a game, Tairas?” Lou smiled “and thank you.” The vampyre grinned wickedly and stood going to the kitchen soon returning with a bottle.

Berith hugged Morgan tightly, holding a deep green and gold top and black jeans.

“Clothes have to be the most boring present.” Rossier grumbled trying to undo the tap on his own gift.

“I disagree.” Morgan said zipping up the brand new rainbow hoodie she wore, she straightened the overlarge hood and flared sleeves. She smiled at Gabriel who was lighting a cigarette. “Thanks” she grinned “I love it.” Gabriel smiled at her and leant forward reaching out a claw he nicked the tape around Rossier's present, the daemon squeaked as the tape he was pulling gave way and he hit himself in the face. Lou smiled as Dawn burst out laughing as Rossier rubbed his nose glaring at Gabriel who smiled casually and sat back.

“I thought I’d help.” He shrugged and closed his eyes.

“Gabriel,” Dawn stood and beckoned the vampyre to follow. The vampyre ignored the giggles from Rossier as he followed the daemon, Dawn carried his new trench coat over his arm.

“Dawn?” Gabriel said as the daemon went into the vampyres bedroom. Lou appeared beside him in a red flash and Gabriel jumped.

“What do you want?” he growled.

“I'm helping.” He said smiling.


“I'm sorry I made you jumpy for the last few days.” Dawn said.


“There’s nothing wrong with this wall, it was me.” Dawn said “with Lou's help.”

“What are you talking about?” Gabriel asked Lou raised a hand and slowly the plain beige plaster melted away to reveal a huge painting. A mirror image of two huge mountains surrounded by forests and twin rivers wound through the trees. The left one was ice and snow the right a flaming land of lava and fire. Gabriel stepped forward taking in the tiny details of burnt trees and snow drifts.

“I have a chess game to finish.” Lou smiled Lou left via the door not wanting to disturb the enraptured vampyre.

“Well?” Dawn asked after a moment “what do you think?”

“I think,” Gabriel growled not taking his eyes from the painting Dawn rested a hand on Gabriel's shoulder “you made me paranoid and hid in my room painting.” Dawn winced waiting for a telling off. “Thank you.” He looked up at the daemon. “its beautiful”

“You’re welcome.”

“Didn’t it hurt when Lou flamed the wall?” Gabriel frowned remembering.

“No,” Dawn smiled “Lou knew where I was but Tairas almost caught me when he came over.”

“You told him it was you,” Dawn nodded as Gabriel recalled the way his quiet brother had listened at the wall.

Gabriel looked for a little longer and then reluctantly followed Dawn out onto the landing. They stopped seeing the chaos downstairs.


In the lounge Gabriel kept smiling randomly, Dawn felt himself relax in the chair beside the vampyre as Rossier fiddled with his present.

“Who gave him handcuffs?” Dawn frowned as he noticed.

“Who cares,” Rossier said smiling “they’ll come in useful.” Lou snorted. “How about it gorgeous?” he grinned at Gabriel who raised an eyebrow.

“Actually, I have a good use for them.” Lou said looking at Gabriel Rossier waited with interest for the rest. Dawn moved quickly Lou a few seconds later and in moments Rossier was hanging from the Christmas tree. “Now you can stay there until you can behave.” Dawn said “but don’t worry we’ll feed you.” Rossier was smart enough to keep his mouth shut as Gabriel lit a cigarette, sitting back the vampyre smiled.

“I think I could learn to enjoy this holiday.” He said.

“Well,” Dawn laughed “I thought we could try a different holiday next year.”

“Like what?” Morgan asked.

“Halloween?” Dawn suggested with a grin.


The End

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