Wrappable PresentsMature

Gabriel warily entered his room looking at the blank wall suspiciously he quickly grabbed some clean clothes and headed into the bathroom.


Dawn was waiting for him when he came out.

“Ready?” he asked as Gabriel untucked his long braid from his shirt.

“yeah.” He yawned.


Downstairs sat the tired vampyres and daemons, Morgan bounced around almost spilling hot drinks as she handed them out.

“Well, merry Christmas.” Lou yawned a carefully wrapped present sat on his lap. Gabriel put his odd looking package on the table and sank down into his chair trying not to close his eyes again.

“So, who first?” Sylver nudged the large daemon beside him, Lou looked at him and smiled picking one of the presents up.

“Alright,” Lou said looking at the label “Van Hay.” He passed the small parcel to the dark skinned daemon.

“Can I open it?” he asked shaking the gift next to his ear, Gabriel saw Berith wince.

“Of course you can.” Lou laughed picking out the next one.

“Ozzy” Van Hay grinned as he unwrapped the little plastic box.

“Huh?” Gabriel frowned,

“Music.” Dawn smiled.

“In a box?” the vampyre didn’t understand he shook his head.

“Okay,” Lou said “Tairas” he passed a box to the quiet vampyre carefully he pulled the bright paper off trying not to rip it. A wooden box sat inside and inside that was a wood carving set. He flashed a rare smile at Lou.

Ten minutes later Daryll had a multicoloured, remote controlled car that whizzed around annoying Gabriel as it crashed into his feet. Maxwell had a large bottle of whisky. Gabriel felt his eyes drift closed and he flinched as Dawn pushed a warm mug into his hand.

“Sylver.” Lou said handing an oddly wrapped parcel to him he unwrapped a tiny portable radio and frowned at the little machine.

“I’ll explain in a moment.” Van Hay said Sylver nodded smiling.

“Thanks.” He said.

“And me.” Lou said pulling a box onto his lap. “Dawn.” He handed a gift to his son “Rossier and Berith.” He handed the last two boxes out.

“Have we got one missing?” Sylver asked Gabriel sighed feeling a little disappointed.

“Don’t worry.” Dawn smiled as Rossier unwrapped his gift. Dawn put his own still wrapped package down leaning up to speak quietly to Gabriel.

“your present isn’t wrappable.” He said “I’ll show you later.

“Only a few of the group heard over the noise of the little car and paper being torn or screwed up. Sylver heard and he grinned.

“I'm sure he’ll show you something interesting.” He sniggered Rossier giggled and Dawn pushed him off the edge of the sofa. 

The End

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