Christmas Morning or Waking Up the VampyreMature

The bright sun lit the room and Gabriel groaned loudly as someone began bouncing on the end of the bed.

“Dawn, go away.” He growled.

“It’s not me.” Dawn grumbled from under the covers beside him.

“Good morning.” Morgan cried happily “merry Christmas.” Dawn muttered something and grabbed the covers pulling them up over his head. “Come on sleepies.” Morgan laughed.

“Morgan its six am go away.” Dawn growled as she pulled the covers off his face.

“I’ll make coffee if you get up.” She laughed.

“Fine, if you stop bouncing.” Dawn glared at her as she hopped off the bed and almost ran from the room.

“Why did I get that drunk?” Gabriel grumbled.

“Morning boys.” Lou said looking in the open door. Even Lou who was usually chirpy in the mornings looked tired as he came in. “I see the Morgan express has been through here too.” He yawned Gabriel rolled away from the open door and rested his wing over himself blocking out the light.


8am came quickly and Morgan had managed to wake everyone except Gabriel and Dawn.

“Come on.” She shouted happily.

“Morgan” Gabriel snapped “go away.”

“But I want my present” she grumbled “and I want everyone else to open theirs.”

“alright.” Dawn moaned gripping his head he sat up his short black hair sticking up all over the place. “I'm up.”

“Good” Morgan grinned “get him up too.” She bounded out of the room again.

“Come on sweetie.” Dawn yawned laying a hand on Gabriel's wing. “It’s Christmas now.”

“I don’t care” came the muffled reply “I want sleep”

“Me too” Dawn said rubbing his eyes, he smiled as Gabriel shifted slightly and he leant down and ran a finger down the back of the vampyres neck. He moved just in time as the razor sharp claws almost caught his hand.

“Get off, I don’t want to get up.”

“You have too,” Dawn said


“I’ll kiss you if you don’t.” Dawn laughed Gabriel growled deep in his chest.

“Fine, I'm getting up.” Dawn stood and stripped not really caring that Gabriel was behind him.

The vampyre pulled himself up and lit a cigarette. Dawn moved dressed only in a pair of jeans the vampyres blue eyes looked up.

“So do we find out who got the present for us?” he asked as Dawn tried to tame his hair.

“Some of us will know” Dawn said as Gabriel stood stretching his wings out. Dawn smiled as he watched the vampyre.

“Stop it.” Gabriel growled.

“stop what?” Dawn grinned Gabriel glared at him before turning to leave Dawn vanished in a flash of red and appeared beside Gabriel hugging him tightly despite the vampyres muffled protests.

“Dawn” Gabriel muttered against the daemons chest.


“Get off.”

“I just wanted to say,” Dawn smiled at him as he loosened his grip slightly. “happy Christmas.”

“And you” Gabriel growled “now get off I need to get dressed.” 

The End

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