The Night Before ChristmasMature

“Dawn?” Morgan frowned finally looking up at Dawn, “you look awful, are you alright?”

“Tired” Dawn yawned.

“What have you been doing?” Morgan stood as Dawn ran his hand over his hair making it stand up. “Whatever it is you’ve got paint on your cheek.”

“Thanks.” He smiled, as he wiped his face he looked at the clock. “Well, I'm getting some sleep.” He stood and stretched looking at Gabriel. “Am I having the pleasure of you in my bed tonight?” he asked.

“What?” Sylver grinned as Morgan laughed.

“It’s not like that.” Gabriel growled.

“He has a creepy wall.” Dawn smiled Gabriel hit him on the shoulder.

“So,” Sylver said lightly. “What’s the plan?”

“Don’t you get sick of asking that?” Lou asked as he walked in.

"I like to know.” Sylver smiled.

“Well,” Allegra's voice was quiet “I don’t think anyone should be up and about before eight, otherwise some of us wont be down here.” She looked at Gabriel.

“Sounds good.” Gabriel nodded “I'm not getting up any earlier then that for anyone or anything.” 


Gabriel watched Dawn moved around in his bedroom, the large daemon seemed nervous and excited.


“Hm?” Dawn muttered distractedly.

“What is wrong?” Gabriel asked laying down, Dawn looked at him.

“Just excited” Dawn said vaguely.

“About tomorrow?”

“Yeah.” Dawn said stripping off his shirt.

“Aren’t you?” Gabriel said “all of this has been a little odd for me.”

“Really?” Dawn's smile faded.

“It’s been different” Gabriel said quickly seeing the disappointment “but I would like to see what I got.” Dawn smiled again climbing into bed.

“Me too.” 

The End

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