Build Up to ChristmasMature

“Huh?” Gabriel frowned.

“Well, you're in my bed in the middle of the night, any reason?”

“I have a weird wall” Gabriel muttered his eyes closed.

“Okay” Dawn smiled bemusedly “just don’t steal all of the duvet, alright?” Gabriel pulled the pillow from behind him and threw it at the daemon, slightly surprised as it hit the side of Dawn's head the daemons hands hadn’t moved to stop it. “Sorry sweetie,” he said folding himself under the covers, “I'm too tired for a pillow fight.” He handed the pillow back to Gabriel and settled down.

“You’re not getting changed?”

“Uh uh.” Dawn muttered wriggling until he was comfortable.

“What on earth have you been doing?” Gabriel asked.

“You’ll know on Christmas.” Dawn mumbled. “Night.”

“Goodnight Dawn.” Gabriel said confused he rolled over and closed his eyes.


When he awoke it was still dark and Dawn was moving around trying to yawn quietly.

“What are you doing now?” the vampyre growled.

“It’s not Christmas yet.” Dawn said yawning again before leaving quickly the red flash leaving stars in front of his vision.


The day passed slowly with everyone being quiet or secretive about presents and what they were up too. Gabriel sat in the lounge all day only moving to get a new pack of cigarettes from his room.

“Aren’t you looking forward to tomorrow?” Morgan asked as she heard him growl. She was sitting on the floor beside Sylver's sleeping form carefully plaiting tinsel into his hair.

“I don’t like everyone being so jumpy.” Gabriel growled.

“Its fun.” Morgan smiled “we find out tomorrow.”

“I know.” Gabriel said he wasn’t sure if he wanted to find out as Rossier grinned at him, he lit another cigarette.

“Stressed, Gabriel?” a voice whispered in his ear. The vampyres claws stopped an inch from Dawn's face the daemons fingers gently gripped his wrist.

“I'm fine and you smell like paint.”

“Well, that new,” Dawn laughed moving to sit down heavily beside Gabriel “usually its ‘you smell like a matchbox.’” Sylver awoke at the daemon deep voice to find tinsel braided into his shoulder length hair.

“You could have colour coordinated.” He growled looking at the green tinsel.

The End

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