Shopping and Strange ThingsMature

Gabriel led Tairas through the streets of Brighton the quiet vampyre stared fascinated at the lights and decorations around the city.

“Why do they decorate like this?” Tairas asked.

“I don’t know.” Gabriel said “so, who did you get?”

“Lou” Tairas said.

“Then I can’t help.” Gabriel smiled.

“Oh,” Tairas sighed “then I don’t know what to get I don’t know what he likes.”

“He likes chess.” Gabriel said Tairas nodded “and drinking.” Gabriel suggested thinking back to how much the daemon had drunk the night before and still woken up chirpy.


Gabriel smiled widely as he saw the perfect thing for his person, Tairas carefully carried a bag with a large box inside. Gabriel unfolded a roll of notes with his gloved hands.

“Thanks” the woman behind the counter smiled.

“Thank you.” Gabriel said keeping his lips over his sharp teeth as he smiled back.

“Have a good Christmas.” She said handing him a carrier bag and his change.

“And you.” Gabriel said slightly bemused he left the shop to see Tairas looking at the decorations in the shop window.

“All done?” he asked Tairas nodded

“Home then?” he asked Gabriel nodded back.


That evening Dawn still wasn’t there, Gabriel absently watched as Tairas wrapped his present in brightly coloured paper that Lou had given them. He swore for the third time as he put his claws through the delicate wrapping paper again.

“Allow me.” Tairas said Gabriel lit a cigarette and sat back suddenly Tairas’ head snapped up from his work his dark eyes narrowing as he stared at the blank wall in Gabriel's room.

“What is it?” Gabriel asked as he heard a low growl building in his brother’s chest.

“I'm not sure.” Tairas said slowly “I thought I heard something.” Gabriel got up and opened the door.

“Lou” he shouted over the banister.

“What?” the daemon called back from the lounge below.

“Can we borrow you?”

“Sure” Lou said from beside Gabriel the already alert vampyre jumped.

“You could use the stairs you know.” He snapped

“It’s quicker like this” Lou smiled.



The End

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