Secret SantaMature

An hour later Gabriel's embarrassment had gone as the others slowly came back the vampyre had accepted a large glass of whiskey from Dawn and he was feeling a little more relaxed not even really minding that Dawn's hand was discreetly wrapped around the back of his leg.

“So are we ready?” Lou smiled, “is everyone’s name in?” he looked around as everyone nodded. “Alright Dawn you first pass it around.” Lou pushed the bowl across the table. “Don’t tell anyone who you got and if you get your own name pick again.” Dawn passed the bowl to Gabriel who chose a screwed up ball of paper.

Soon everyone had taken a name.

“alright.” Lou smiled looking at the torn piece of paper in his hands. Gabriel looked at the symbols on his own piece of paper they made no sense at all and he sighed. Lou tucked the piece of paper in his pocket.

Dawn saw Gabriel staring at his piece of paper as if it would yell the name if he looked at it long enough.

“What letters are there?” Dawn asked as the others slowly drifted to bed or in Sylver's case fell asleep in the chair.

“I don’t know.” Gabriel growled after a moment Dawn unfolded the paper he'd written Gabriel's own name on and set it on the vampyres lap.

“Any from your name?” Dawn asked.

“That one.” Gabriel pointed at the ‘a’.

“How many letters?” Lou asked as he woke Sylver gently.

“Wont that give it away?” Dawn frowned.

“True.” Lou said.

“Hello” Sylver smiled sleepily at Lou who laughed softly.

“Hello back.” He said “Sylver, go to bed.” The vampyre nodded at him but didn’t move Lou sighed patiently. “Come on sleepy.” He said taking Sylver's hand they vanished leaving Dawn and Gabriel alone.






The End

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