Problems with Lou's PlanMature

The lounge was full, Gabriel sat in his usual chair the arms were marked and ripped where his claws had torn the fabric.

“So what's the idea?” Morgan asked sitting down on the floor beside Gabriel's legs Dawn was already on the other side.

“Well, Yule is a time of celebration but presents are a very nice addition to it.” Lou smiled “I thought we could all put our names in a hat and pick one out.”

“And the person you get you buy a present for?” Dawn asked Lou nodded.

“Sounds good.” Allegra said happily.

“Cant we get one for everyone?” Malachi asked his voice barely audible above everyone else.

“You can if you want too.” Lou said “but there are a lot of us and some don’t know each other that well.”

“true.” Sylver nodded.

“One problem that I see.” Rossier said grinning. “None of us have a hat.” Gabriel snorted as the others laughed.

“A bucket would do.” Morgan giggled.

“Okay who has a bucket?” Rossier asked as Maxwell and Daryll came in with sandwiches and two bottles of whiskey.


An hour later Gabriel sat with a piece of paper on his lap and a pen in his claws. All of the others had written their names and put them in the bowl that was their hat. The vampyre had managed the first letter of his name, the pen clumsy in his claws. Dawn reached up offering to help but the vampyre growled his concentration on the paper. Dawn let his hand fall. Lou smiled at him then turned to see Rossier watching the struggling vampyre the loud daemon opened his mouth.

“Rossier.” Lou snapped “zip it.”

“What?” Rossier cried innocently Lou looked warningly at him his eyes flashing black.

“How about we finish the decorations in the training room?” Sylver suggested.

“Fine, too many theatrics in here anyway.” Rossier grinned at Lou before the daemon could react Sylver gripped the back of Rossier's collar and marched him away down the corridor. The others followed more sedately leaving Gabriel, Lou, Dawn and Morgan.

“Gabriel?” Lou said gently. “do you want some help?”

“Its not a case of wanting help.” Gabriel sighed putting the pen down and laying his head back against the chair Dawn saw the vampyres blue eyes close. “I can’t do it.”

“Don’t worry.” Dawn smiled taking the pen carefully. He took a new piece of paper and wrote Gabriel's name passing it to the vampyre. Gabriel tried a smile and began to fold it stopping as Dawn covered his claws with his own hand. “No, copy it in your writing.” Gabriel looked at him and nodded taking the pen again.





The End

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