Earths LightsMature

Dawn smiled as he headed down to the training room, Morgan's idea running around in his head.

“Gabriel?” he called opening the doors to the training room. The hall was dark and cold and he stepped in seeing the vampyres silhouette sitting in the window. The daemon smiled and crossed the room “sweetie are you okay?” he asked quietly wrapping one arm around Gabriel resting his chin on the vampyres shoulder.

“I'm fine,” Gabriel said gently, “I'm sorry I snapped at you.”

“That’s okay, I'm used to it.” Dawn smiled “can we go somewhere?” Gabriel looked sideways at him.


“Earth” Dawn said “I want to show you something.”


Gabriel kept looking suspiciously at Dawn as they headed to earth. The daemon was unusually quiet and Gabriel didn’t like it.

“Dawn?” he said as they walked.

“Hm?” Dawn looked up at him.

“What is wrong with you?” Gabriel stopped.

“Nothing” Dawn frowned confused at the odd question. “why do you ask?” Gabriel slipped his leather gloves on to hide his claws.

“You just seem a little distracted recently.”

“I'm just thinking.” Dawn said “I'm alright.” Gabriel shrugged as they carried on walking.

“Fair enough.” He looked up and stopped again. in the distance was the city of Brighton fairy lights crisscrossed over the streets and lit most of the buildings. The crowded streets looked surreal.

“This is Christmas.” Dawn smiled as he saw Gabriel's blue eyes take in the strings of lights, “what do you think?” Gabriel let Dawn lead him forward into the city as he stared up at the lights. “It’s almost Christmas here too, I thought I’d show you.” Gabriel looked at him tearing his eyes away from the mesmerizing lights.

“I'm glad you did.” He said giving Dawn a sharp toothed smile.

The End

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