Festive SpiritMature

“The tradition is that the tree is a warm place for wood sprites.” Sylver said pulling a tangle of lights from the box. Gabriel looked at him from behind the tree.

“I will not have wood sprites in my house.” he growled “they cause chaos.”

“Not as much as our guests will.” Dawn muttered

“What?” Gabriel's tone dropped as he glared at the daemon.

“Lou and the others are visiting.” Dawn tried to smile as the vampyres eyes visibly darkened.

“Others?” he snarled.

“Just Berith, Van Hay and…” he trailed off.

“Rossier.” Gabriel asked not really wanting to hear the answer.

“I couldn’t not invite him, could I?” the daemon sighed.

“Just keep him away from me.” Gabriel snapped.

“I’ll try” Dawn said as Gabriel left the lounge heading for the training room.


Morgan grinned as she saw the tree that Dawn was carefully wrapping in a string of lights.

“Is it Christmas?” she asked bouncing over to him.

“It will be.” Dawn smiled.

“What’s wrong?” Morgan frowned noting that the daemons smile wasn’t quite as bright as normal.

“Nothing much” Dawn said as Sylver came in dropping the tangled mass of fairy lights on the sofa.

“I give up,” he growled “I can’t undo that mess.”

“I’ll try.” Morgan smiled “so how is Gabriel taking the festive news?”

“Not well” Sylver said as if he had completely expected it, Dawn sighed again.

“Hm” Morgan said a small smile spreading over her face. “I may have an idea” she grinned beckoning Dawn over.

The End

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