Chrismoos TreeMature

Gabriel opened his eyes as the sun shone in through the window and he growled rolling over, he'd forgotten to close the curtains around his bed. He huffed and got up pulling his t-shirt off his eyes still half closed.


Dawn stepped back looking at his handiwork, he frowned and moved the pot again.

“What the hell have you done to my lounge?” a voice snapped Dawn turned to see Gabriel coming down the stairs, Dawn smiled.

“Do you like it?” he asked brightly.

“I hate it.” Gabriel frowned “the furniture’s fine but why have you bought a tree in here?” he sat down lighting a cigarette. “Wouldn’t a pot plant suffice?” Dawn laughed and knelt down in front of the vampyre.

“Even you can’t affect my mood” he smiled cheerfully “and no a pot plant won’t do, grumpy.” He stood quickly in case the vampyre took a swipe at him.

“But why a tree?” Gabriel asked less annoyed and more curious at the daemons odd mood.

“Its Christmas,” Dawn grinned “or it will be in a few days.”

“What’s a Chrismoos?” Gabriel frowned standing up, Dawn snorted with laughter.

“Christmas,” Dawn said slowly “or Yule or whatever you want to call it.”

“Still not with you.” Gabriel said.

“It’s a holiday celebrated on Earth.” Sylver said coming in, a large box in his hands, his green eyes just visible above it.

“A holiday?” Gabriel asked as his twin put the box down.

“Either it’s the birth of Saturn, the son of god’s birth or just a celebration of midwinter.” Sylver reeled off. “Dawn thought it would be nice to actually have a celebration that included everyone.”

“So what do we do?” Gabriel asked his cigarette held in his mouth as he walked around the potted pine tree. “And what's with the tree?”  

The End

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