Rude AwakeningsMature


Gabriel's eyes snapped open, as the sound of something heavy being dragged over a wooden floor downstairs interrupted his rather nice dream. Tiredness swiftly made him close his eyes again and he started to drift back to sleep, until a loud bang and an even louder volley of swear words made him jump. He growled dragging himself out of bed. A quick glance in the mirror made him pull a face as he wrenched his door open.


Dawn looked up from checking his foot, making sure his bruised toes weren’t broken. Gabriel was looking at him over the banister looking out over the large lounge below. The vampyre had a lit cigarette in his hand and a scowl in his face.

“Morning.” Dawn called up rubbing his sore foot. The heavy chest that had landed on it was still upended with Sylver stood beside it, his hands resting squarely on his hips.

“I told you this wasn’t a good idea.” Sylver said.

“I don’t care what you think.” Dawn grumbled.

“What is going on?” Gabriel growled.

“Just moving the lounge around.” Dawn answered standing up he tested his foot on the floor then grinned. “No harm done.”

“For now.” Gabriel snarled “wake me up again and there will be a lot of harm done.”

“I love you in the mornings.” Dawn laughed.

“That because you're weird.” Gabriel grumbled heading back to his room.


“Why didn't you tell him what we’re doing?” Sylver asked. Dawn gripped the end of the chest again.

“Because, this is Gabriel.” he said lifting it carefully. “Good will too all men, at this time of day?”

“Very true.” Sylver laughed “at any time of day would be a miracle.” 

The End

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