Christmas time

This is a short poem I decided to write about Christmas. As it is nearl Christmas day so I wanted to write a short story or a poem to celebrate.

Christmas time is a time for singing 

while it is a time for bringing 

Joy and peace to those you love 

whether they are down below or up above 

Lights twinkle all around me 

While my lover lays beside me

Excitment fills the air of joy 

While people declare their love

Family, friends and lovers gather 

Awaitng for the holy hour 

This time comes once a year 

To share its christmas cheer 

Merry Christmas to everyone you hold so dear 

As it was a miracle that brought them here

Now go to sleep and rest your head

So santa can bring what you have plead 

Arise in the morning to find what you asked for 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New year 

Now its your chance to find a new cheer 


The End

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