Christmas Concert

A story I made up, oh, six or seven months ago. I kept meaning to put it up on here, but I kept forgetting.

The night was quiet. I peeked into my parent's bedroom and, seeing them asleep, I continued on to the front door. I eased it open, hoping Dad had oiled the hinges like he'd said he would. Sometimes he didn't do everything he said he would, but it looked like Mom had nagged him enough about this. I patted my pocket, making sure I had my wallet (yes, I carry a wallet, not a purse), my ticket, and my key. I crept out into the silent night to head to the Christmas Concert in City Park. After the concert was over, the girls would go into the rec building for a lockin. I had my sleeping bag and pajamas in my backpack.

It was Wednsday, December 23rd, the night before Christmas Eve. I had made a deal with my mother that if I could successfully sneak out, then I officially had permission to go to the concert AND the lockin (gotta love moms). So far it looked like I was going to make it. I hopped on my bike and pedaled like mad. Turn the corner and...I made it! Becky and Rachel were waiting for me at the corner. Rachel scowled. "It's about time you got here," she complained. "I had to make sure my parents were asleep!" "Alright, alright, let's just go," Becky said.

They grabbed their bikes and we headed off. Glancing at my watch, I said, "We're going to be late!" "Well, that's your fault," Rachel grumbled. Rachel was one of those girls who carried a grudge to the grave and back. You didn't want to get on her bad side. She had dark skin and brown eyes, and black hair that she almost never wore down. Becky was pale-skinned with shoulder-length brown hair and blue eyes. She got carsick really easily and usually played as the peacekeeper and the go-between whenever Rachel and I fought.

I wear glasses with blue frames and a really thick right lense.  I also have shoulder-length hair, but mine is dirty blonde. I prefer boy's clothes to girl's clothes, because they're more comfortable. Rachel wears girl's clothes and, once again, Becky was caught in the middle.

The rest of the trip passed silently. As we neared the stage, the crowd got louder and louder. Just as we were handing our tickets to the ticket collecter, a man came up to the stage to introduce the first band. None of the artists' names were released until after the concert. Getting tickets was the hardest thing on EARTH. The first group was Linkin Park. They played My December and What I've Done, along with their version of Little Drummer Boy. Then the Jonas Brothers came up and sang When You Look Me In The Eyes and Lovebug, and the Twelve Days of Christmas. Colbie Calliat sang Bubbly and Falling For You, then Silent Night. Now, obviously, each artist did their own styling of a Christmas song. Green Day played Holiday and Know Your Enemy. Their Christmas carol was Away in a Manger. 

At midnight, a man got up on the stage and announced that it was time for the lockin and would all the girls who were staying form a line in front of the exit? We marched single-file to the rec building. We all managed to fit our sleeping bags in somewhere, with me, Becky, and Rachel side by side. Everyone managed to get changed before 1 in the morning. We watched movies and ate popcorn, but nobody slept. The doors were unlocked at 8 in the morning. It was Christmas Break, so my parents would be asleep. I rode my bike home after bidding my friends farewell. All the lights were off in my house. I crept in through my bedroom window and into bed. Good thing I hadn't changed out of my pajamas! I tossed my bag in a corner and slipped into bed, and none to soon. A few minutes later my mom knocked on my door and walked in.

"I see you didn't bother sneaking out last night," She teased. "Or maybe I'm just sneakier than you thought. I could have been sneaking out every night for years and you'd never know," I shot back. "Well," She said, "That would explain why you're always so tired in the morning." She paused. "Tell me the truth, did you go out last night?" Knowing how to deal with my mom, I only said, "Why don't you ask Becky and Rachel?"

Several hours later, My mom came into my room again, looking smug. Becky trailed behind her, looking very guilty. I raised an eyebrow at her, like, "What did you do THIS time?" Before Mom could say anything, Becky burst out with, "I'm so sorry, Brina!" She called me Brina when she did something wrong. She never did figure out that it only made me more mad. "I didn't mean to! She squeezed it out of me! She tortured me till I talked! I didn't want to! I'm so sorry!" "What she means to say," My mother cut in, "is that she spilled the beans about last night." "That's is?" I said. "I successfully sneaked out. I won the bet. Maybe next time you won't fall asleep when you bet something like that." "You're not mad?" Becky asked. "I won the bet. I had permission to be there. No reason to be mad."

"Now," Mom said, "Now that I know you CAN sneak out, how many times have you?" "You'll figure it out eventually." I just loved giving answers like this.

The End

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