Christmas Bread

I wrote this for the Winter Challenge. I WIN! :D Hopefully...

Christmas Bread

Written by: babyrhinos


The air was cold. The ground was cold. His fingers were cold. Come to think of it, everything was cold on that Christmas Eve night. Kareem was crawling on the floor, coughing as he did so. He wasn't feeling so good. He knew that he wouldn't last long in this weather.

Kareem and his mother were homeless. They lost everything when Kareem's dad left him. They had spent months out in the cold rain. Now it was winter, and Kareem was getting ill.

Kareem was looking for a scrap of food, anything to help him and his mother. Nothing was around, nothing but little pieces of rubble and some rotten apples. Then again, those rotten apples looked like a great meal.

He walked up and down the alleys, looking for something he could eat. No luck.

Kareem turned around and started back for their “home” which was nothing but a couple of cardboard boxes. As he walked down the streets, he looked at the wealthy people walking by him. Some ignored him, others gave him looks of disgust.

Kareem was just about to get to his “home”, when he saw it. Over by the trash can was a large piece of bread. His eyes grew wide as he saw it. Slowly he walked over to it, he bent down and picked it up. It was clean, hardly any dirt on it at all. It was a miracle.

Heaven knows why Kareem didn't just swallow it whole in that instant. Instead he turned and walked back “home”. Carrying it happily as he went.

Kareem walked into the alley where they lived. His mom was wrapping herself with old rugs, trying to keep warm.

Kareem walked up to his mom and held the bread behind his back, “Mom! I found food!” he shouted as he showed her the bread.

His mom began to smile, “I'm glad Kareem.”

Kareem handed mom the bread, “Go ahead! Eat it.”

Kareem's mother looked at him in shock, “Eat it? No! You need it more than I do.” she said holding out the bread to him.

Kareem had a smile on his face, “It's my Christmas present to you! Christmas isn't about receiving, it's about giving!”

His mother had tears in her eyes. She broke the bread in two and held out one half, “Well, receiving is a part of it.” She said, managing to laugh.

Kareem laughed with her. They sat and ate together that night, praising God for the small piece of bread that they had found.


This Christmas, be willing to give and not receive. Next time you're thinking about Christmas, don't ponder on what you will receive, but think about what you can give, to bring joy to some else. If everyone did this, then the world would be a better place.

Have a truly Merry Christmas!



The End

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