Christine the angel (part 4)

  At that moment the bell went off. Our school had a very loud bell, but as it was going off I could almost hear Christine giving off a sigh of relief as we both left for our next class.

  The next lesson was art. As we came in the door, I took a glance at the classroom, and there it was, the most beautiful painting paining I had ever laid my eyes on. It was a painting of the beach, during sunset. There was a cliff, and a golden beach. I really wanted to pay attention to Christine, but I couldn't stop staring at the painting. And so I forced myself not to.

The tables were divided into four on each desk. I took a seat next to Christine at the back. We had to paint the outdoors for this lesson.

Before we started to grab all of our materials, our teacher always started to tell us about the lesson. He briefly described what we were supposed to do. But right before we went off, he asked us a question. "I don't know you. How you can walk in a room and not notice? When I look at this painting, my day is perfect no matter what. I love art. If I see this painting, I cannot resist to stare at it for a long, long time. I really don't know you."

  I grabbed a box full of colour pencils and reteurned to my desk. I started to draw a tree. The tree was the stereotype, or as my teacher would call it a brown rectangle as a tree stump and a green cloud as the leaves. He would rarely come around to look at our work, but when he did, his feedback was amazing. He could tell good from bad. He could tell light from dark. And he could tell if we really added feeling into our work. He came to my desk and looked at my drawing.

  "This is a tree you say, but when you look out the window, do you see these green clouds? Of course not." He grabbed a pencil and started to draw on my paper to give me a head start. " Trees are not like this. Trees have a heart in them. You can see their soul in their leaves. They cannot be anything different from what they are."

  I gloried on what he said about my drawing. I could just see the smile in Christine's face, as if she knew about when I had seen her the other day.

The End

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