Christine the angel (part 3)

  The cold monday morning affected my mood. Today I was going to hopefully discover the truth with the mystery going around me.

  I took a step out of my door. The wind whipped against my face and my hair sliced in the air. I could hear the wind in my ear, it was not that gentle breeze that usually whistled, but the harsh wind along with a terrible storm that happened in those movies when the hero has encountered a challenge. I was like the hero in many ways. I had encountered my own problems, although I didn't think that they were going to be solved, I had to believe.

  When I arrived at school, my hair was cold and wet. I went over to my locker and dropped my bag in. Everyone had already gone off to class, so I was left alone with Christine. The moment to ask was perfect.

  "Hey Christine," I wanted to start off normal.

  "Who, me? Oh, hi." I could tell that she was surprised.

  "Do you believe in those fairytales that everyone talks about? You know those unicorns, dragons, faries, mermaids," I paused and said in a low voice "angels."

I waited for an answer hoping, like the hero, that the story would get better. 

The End

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