Christine the angel (part 2)

I had misunderstood her, I had misunderstood the situation, I had misunderstood the world. I thought it had been like it always should have been. We knew there was no such thing as angels and there would never be such a thing.

But there she was. Clear as day. Standing right in front of me as though the world had disappeared and we were the only ones left. The rest was a blur too me. But she stood out to everything.

I had forgotten the time; I slowly backed away and went step by step down the stairs. Every step I thought of what was going on. How? Where? Why? There were a million possible things available to that word: why. Why was she an angel? Why didn't she tell anyone? Why did she have to put the world in this mystery? The mystery of her. The mystery of the world. The mystery of life.

I didn't tell anyone. I didn't dare. No one would believe me and I was sure of that.

I reached my car and entered. I would have the weekend of pure mystery.

A mystery to everything. 

The End

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