Christina Vs. New Girl Part 2Mature

The next day we went to the U.S Capitol. Kiki's homeroom had to be on our bus because their bus was not working. Kiki and I would sit 2 rows before Justin. When I would look at the bus window I would see his reflection looking at me! I'm pretty sure that made me blush. Devoria sat across from me and Kiki trying to join the conversation. That morning actually went by fast. We finally arrived to the U.S Capitol after 30 minutes. Kiki and I stayed with each other there. In line waiting to get our ticket provided by the school, Devoria was trying to talk to Justin. GUESS WHAT SHE DID IN ORDER TO GET HIS ATTENTION? Devoria was telling Justin everything that happened in her hotel room with Amariah, Kayla, and Kiki. She told how Amariah farted and the conversation that the 4 of them had about all of the guys in the grade. Seriously, why would you do that? Kiki was furious and so was I even though I was not in their hotel room. Kiki even told me how the night before, Devoria said she couldn't flirt with Justin because I talked to him the whole "fuckin" game. That was not true at all...coming from the girl who's tell all of other people's business to the guy you like... just to have a conversation with him? During the middle of her "story", Devoria got mad because Justin asked if I was in her room. She said no and he simply walked off. We later got back on the bus and Devoria sat straight across from me and Kiki. Kiki && I ignored her completely on ths bus. Justin and his friend sat right behind me and Kiki so we started talking to him and his friend. Justin was pretty nice and relaxed with me on this school trip, just like our great times in 6th grade! Of course, Devoria tried to jump in the conversation so I would not be able to talk to Justin. Guess what? Justin completely ignored her and his friend laughed. Then Justin looked at me straight in the eyes and smiled. I guess Devoria couldn't take it anymore. She bursted out and started crying! All because one guy did not talk to her. And she treated me bad and talked about me behind my back because of that. I never confronted her about anything she said though. I was waiting to get my silent revenge.

The End

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