Christina Vs. New Girl Part 1Mature

Time came nearer and nearer to go to Washington DC. A few weeks before we left off to DC, we filled out a sheet of who we would want to be in our hotel rooms. I did not dare to put Devoria's name on that list. I put Milana, Amariah, Kayla, and my other friends Nana, Lizzie, and Kailyn on my list. I hope Devoria did not put me on her list. I guess I would have to wait and see who would end up in my room.

It was finally here. Today, I would be going to Washington DC with my grade. I was eager. It would be the first time I would ever get on a plane. I was also happy because I lived very close to the airport so I got to sleep in a little bit. I was only five minutes away from the airport. I still got there pretty early. Most kids were still waiting in their car until they saw someone they knew and got out the car. The airport process did not take as long as I heard it normally did. My grade did have to wait for a while to board the plane. They boarded us by some type of numbers on our plane ticket. Once we got on the plane, students tried to swap seats. It was based alphabetically so who knows who they were sat next to? I liked the people I sat next to. However, I did not like the fact that Justin sat right behind me. I don't know how but his seat was not completely behind mines. It was more shifted over to my left. That meant he would be able to get a good view on me. Yeah, I knew that was going to be a long ride.

It wasn't that long of a plane ride but there was a little bit of arguing. Of course, Justin started it over absolutely nothing. By the time, we got off the plane I was so relieved. But guess what? I had to tense right back up because we had to get on the buses by homeroom. There were 3 homerooms on that bus. I had no problems with anyone in any of them except Justin and Devoria.

We soon arrived to the hotel. It was really pretty and nice. The guys went to their floor level and the girls went to theirs. All of the girls in the grade sat on the floor so we could find out who was in our hotel rooms. Whew! I got AWESOME roommates. I was in a room with Kailyn, Milana, and my other friend Caroline! She put me on her list! I felt really bad for Amariah, Kayla and my other friend Tiki since they actually didn't like Devoria. They were probably in a room with her because Devoria put them on their list. I was just the lucky one! Once we got settled in our rooms, we had to be back in the lobby by a certain time. We were assigned to new buses with new homerooms. I was on the bus with Milana, and Devoria's homeroom. Milana and I always sat next to each other on the bus while Devoria sat across from us.  That night we went to a baseball game! To my surprise when we got off the bus, Justin started talking to me about a guy asking Kayla out. It was only my homeroom so Devoria couldn't interrupt (Thank God!) The game soon started.

The game wasn't really interesting to me. I kind of ignored it and watched the teachers gossip. My friend Livi and I had to go to the restroom. When we got up so did Justin and his friend. Justin talked to me and his friend talked to Livi on the way to the restroom. Concidentally, they came out of the restroom at the same time as me and Livi. We then talked again and went to sit down. Tiki and Kayla's homeroom arrived really late because their bus was not working. The game finally ended! && My night was awesome just with that talk from Justin!

The End

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