Christina Vs. New KidsMature

The first month flew by. The work was easy and the students weren't getting on my nerves as bad as I thought they would. Even Justin was cooperating. I was actually thinking maybe I could have a good school year. New people had come this year and I was eager to meet them surprisingly. My attitude had actually gotten better. It was a girl that played soccer with Amariah and already knew her. If she knew Amariah, she must have been pretty cool. I was happy to get to know the girl. Her name was Devoria. Devoria was a dark-skinned African American with big lips. She was not the cutest but I guess her personality made her look better to everyone. She was not on me and Justin's team but I got to see her during P.E and lunch. As some of the weeks had passed, I noticed that she became more irritating. Not just to me, but to everyone else. Justin and his friends thought she was cool and wanted to get to know her also. They soon started talking bad about her while acting as if she were their friend. Who knows what she did to them? The one problem with Devoria was being too touchy. We would be sitting down eating at lunch and out of nowhere she would grab some of your food with HER HAND. It was completely disgusting. Who wanted to see big hands messing around in their food and its not their hand? This was in just the first month. We weren't even close like that which I don't think I would even let anyone in my family put their hands in my food. Devoria was moving this friendship a little too fast for the rest of us. One girl named Milana had came from the same type of school I did before I attended this school. She did not play. She was actually really nice. Most of our "kind" did not really give her a chance but I did. They just never understood where she was coming from when she said certain things. Milana would tell Devoria the exact truth which sometimes even I couldn't do. I didn't want to be rude but Milana had no problem (which was a problem of hers). Justin would sometimes make fun of Miliana but she didn't care. If he did that to Devoria to her face, she would die. I never knew she was actually OBSESSED with him.......

The End

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