Christina Vs. New GirlMature

Christina is now in 7th grade and is ready for fun ! Too bad some people in her life like to hold on to the past.....

Hey guys! Its Christina again! I want to tell you guys about my 7th grade life. Yeah, I made it. Haha, I heard 7th grade sucked and guess what? IT SURE DID. To first start off, guess who ended up as one of my homeroom buddies? Justin. Oh great, I had to see him every morning for 10 minutes and after lunch for 20 minutes. Justin and I can't even stand to be in the same room at this point. That is how much we have been through together. It is already bad I have to see him a lot. It got even worse. Can you believe that? Guess what? His locker was right next to mines. I had to see him between every single class and he would be in my vision most of the time. Did I mention Mia moved away to Michigan? Yeah, that is just great. Now I have to get blamed for what she did. I wasn't ready for that school year but it started off pretty good ! The first month or so was awesome! I was looking forward on going to Washington D.C. with my school. Of course, I would have to do a lot with my homeroom but who cares? I would still have plenty of time to get away. It would be all fun and no drama.......At least that is what I had hoped for.

The End

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