Christeen's Diary: 17a y 11 m 1 w

Dear Diary,

      Desmindina came by today and told me I must give up this diary. This is the last bit of evidence of where I truly came from and how Michael and I met. As I’ve been taught keeping a diary is a very Lady like thing to do, and I shall have my pick for my new one. But this one must be turned into the Council of Mages.

      I managed to convince Desmindina to let me write this last entry. I would hate for anyone who read this to think something horrible happened that has caused me to stop writing when there are so many pages left.

      But then again I’m sure the historian’s will have mentioned me at this point. Given that I am engaged to the Crown Prince. If I’m lucky it will also record our marriage within the next year. I am getting so sick of this place and the Snobbish Brats.

      Thank goodness I have Anne for a friend and Michael who visits every other week. I wouldn’t be able to bear it otherwise. Speaking of Michael he’s due to be here on the morrow.

      Well Desmindina is looking at me sternly so I’d best finish this entry up. Wish me luck and happiness for the years to come. Being a Princess isn’t nearly as romantic as I once believed. Then eventually I’ll become Queen and that’s when the hard part starts. But since Michael will be my Prince and King I’m sure things will be okay. After all, when I’m with him, I feel like I could do or be anything.

      Thanks for holding all my thoughts Diary. I wish you happiness in the Mage archives.


            Princess Christeen of Gwahan

The End

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