Chrsiteen's Diary: 17a y 10 m 4 w

Dear Diary,

      Well I took Michael’s advice. Seeing as no one else seems to want to be friends with me, I figured I might as well talk to Anne. For all her courage that night, she seems pretty shy. Well more self conscious I guess.

      Apparently she’s been here for four years now. I was shocked to hear it because she seems to have mastered everything. She explained that like me, she’d lost her family. There are two ways her future can go. She can marry someone or she can become a Lady-in-Waiting.

      Unfortunately there are no suitors knocking on her door, because she doesn’t have a dowry. It was given to the school to pay for her room and board. Nor do any of the ‘Ladies’ (aka Snobbish Brats) show any interest in having her as their Lady-in-Waiting.

      She told me that she has one more year before she’ll be forced out of the school. That was why she had questioned me. It was an act of desperation that she hoped would produce a change in her future.

      I feel sorry for her, really. I think she actually has it worse than me. At least I have Michael. I know where I’m going when I leave here. And even if he wasn’t a Prince, I know we have our love. I’m going to talk to the headmistress about Anne tomorrow after my weekly ‘evaluation’.

      Anne was surprised when I said I would. I could only laugh and tell her that as my friend, and hopefully soon to be Lady-in-Waiting, it was her responsibility to tell me if I start acting like one of the Snobbish Brats.

      I mean, I know it takes all sorts of people to make the world go around, but if it’s all this backstabbing and petty gripping, no wonder the world’s in turmoil. Not to mention the whole Son’s against Father’s competing for power. First thing I’m doing as Queen is installing some good old Family values.

      Anne seemed to think it was a good idea when I explained it to her. She came from a loving family like me. I hope Michael goes along with it. I think he will though, his family seems to be loving, even if his sister is a little misguided.



The End

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