Christeen's Diary: 17a y 10 m 3 w

Dear Diary,

      I love Michael. He visited today and it made me so happy. When I was with him I forgot all about how horrible it’s been here. This week wasn’t as bad as my first, but it’s still worse than high school was.

      The best part was that when Regina walked into our alcove. She was all apologetic and sweet to Michael (as if she didn’t know we were there). Michael calmly told her it was okay and we were done there. He stood then helped me to stand. As I stood he kissed me, very deliberately, on the lips. And then he said, ‘come my betrothed, let us see what the head mistress has to say about your progress.’ To which Regina haughtily replied was ‘It will be years before she’s finished.’

      I’m glad the head mistress thought otherwise. Even still, she thinks it will be at least a year. Well etiquette is not too hard, but I have to be able to make dainty stitches in a straight line too. Not exactly what I want to do with my spare time, but it’s what’s expected of me.

      After talking to the head mistress, we went for another walk in the garden. He noticed Anne following us and asked about her. I told him about last week and how apparently only Anne wanted to be my friend after all that.

      He commiserated with me, but told me I ought to talk to her. When I asked why, he tried to explain the politics here. But he only knows how it works with the Lords. They sound like a petty backstabbing bunch. Considering what’s going on at this school I’d say the Ladies aren’t much better. Michael just shrugged off what he didn’t know.

      I laughed and told him, he better know when he became King. He told me that’s what I was for. And I told him if we didn’t keep each other informed then we might as well be ruling separate kingdoms. If we can’t get the Lords and Ladies to work together, then how can we get whole kingdoms to work with us? I was serious, but he just kept smiling and laughing.

      I would have gotten madder at him, but he took that moment to pull me into an alcove and kiss me. I think I can last another two weeks on that kiss. Well despite my smile, I’m stifling yawns so I ought to blow out the candle and go to bed. Good night.



The End

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