Christeen's Diary: 17a y 10 m 2 w

Dear Diary,

      You would not believe what happened tonight. Or maybe you would, as it’s not the most bizarre thing that’s happened recently. Anyway it was utterly mortifying, and I don’t see what good will come of it.

      You see, the girls at this finishing school have been stuck up pricks since I got here. They all snicker and call me the supposed Princess of Gwahan. They talk as if I’m some puppet of Desmindina’s that she’s using to be the power behind the throne.

      I’m not a puppet!

      So tonight, the Headmistress called me up to the dais where the teachers sit. Then she called up Regina, the girl who hates me the most. So there we were face to face and the Headmistress has me say a truth oath and tells Regina to ask me anything she wants.

      Just so you know, a truth oath is not like swearing on the bible in court. It actually has a magical component that makes you tell the truth, like it or not.

      So of course the first thing Regina asks is my name. Christeen Agatha Hawthorne is all I can state and she gloats because I didn’t say Princess or anything. Then she asks what my real title is.

     Without thinking I rattled off a long list ending with Princess of Gwahan. My eyes had to be as wide as hers because I hadn’t known half of what I said until I’d said it. It probably would have ended there if Anne hadn’t spoken up.

      Anne is the lowest ranking girl here. In my week here, I’ve never heard her speak up to anyone. But somehow she asked me all the right questions. And by right questions, I mean the ones that make me cry.

     What made it worse was the spell that Desmindina placed on me to keep me from revealing where I was from. It might have kept me from explaining how my parents and brother died, but it didn’t keep me from saying they had.

      And after, Anne had the audacity to apologize. She said she thought that if they knew more about me they might like me. Oh they all murmured apologies before we where sent to bed, even Regina, though I doubt she really meant it. But that was it.

     I highly doubt anyone will be knocking down my door to be friends. Just like home. I can’t wait until Michael visits next week. At least I know he likes me for who I am, Princess or not.



The End

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