Christeen's Diary: 17 y 10 m 1 w (Part 2)

      When I looked over at him, all my fear vanished and by the time I was smiling we were laughing. He almost pulled us off our horses when he dared a kiss, just as the shouts of other party members could be heard.

      He took my reigns and led my horse out to where the small search party was. Nicely enough his rescue gave me every reason to stay near him when I could. We were even able to spend some moments somewhat alone which allowed us to talk.

      The story of my arrival, as it was publicly known, was that I was found by Desmindina, stranded on her beach by a horrible shipwreck. Some how me and a trunk of my belongings had survived but my memory of who I was had not, at least not well. Desmindina had determined that I was a person of importance, judging by the contents of my trunk, so she determined that I should go to the Masquerade Ball in hopes some one might recognize me.

      Woodward, the county I had claimed to be duchess of, was reportedly the name of the ship that I had sailed upon. Now that my true identity had been discovered I was found to be a suitable bride to the Prince (Michael). A task that had seemed daunting before since none of the neighboring kingdoms had any Princesses near his age (8 year older or younger being the limits).

      Of course since the Prince had been smitten with me since the Ball, he was quite willing to marry me. Now that he had ‘saved my life’ the feelings were mutual.

      So in a banquet held in my honor our engagement has been announced and I’ve been sent to finishing school. Once the head mistress here determines that I can conduct myself as Princess, the wedding date will be set.



The End

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