Christeen's Diary: 17 y 10 m 1 w (Part 1)

Dear Diary,

      I’ve just arrived at the finishing school. Michael did escort me here and our engagement is official. The wedding date will be determined on how I do here.

      It was funny how nervous I was before Michael arrived. We’d written back and forth, but not having seen him in three months made me wonder if he’d still like me. I barely recognize myself when I get a chance to look in a mirror. I think that may be mostly because of the clothing and how my hair gets done. I also feel different.

      I hear it said that the summer between high school and college is one in which you grow a lot, emotionally. I think I’ve been though that, I know I didn’t ever finish my senior year before arriving here but these three months have been a major learning experience. So I was nervous about seeing Michael again. And you know what he was nervous about seeing me too.

      The first few days we played Prince and Princess meeting for the first time well (not everyone was privy to the information about his role in how I arrived). I think it was around the 3rd day of travel when my mount decided to spook. I managed to keep hold as she reared then bolted out of the column. By the time I realized I should have let go I had to hold on for dear life because if I ever wanted to get back I’d need her help.

      I don’t think I would have been able to get her under control if Michael hadn’t raced after me and maneuvered his mount next to mine. My horse finally stopped with Michael’s horse pressed against her, which also meant Michael and I were touching. He reached over and gently pried my hands off the reigns.

The End

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