Christeen's Diary: 17a y 9 m 1 w

Dear Diary,

      The Council of Mages met last Week and Desmindina brought me and my great-grandmothers jewels. I had to hand over the jewels to the High Chairs for their examination. I know I probably shouldn’t put so much value on them but it was the first thing Aunt Agatha ever gave me that seemed to have some sort of value. I’m not talking monetary value, but sentimental.

      Anyway I was really nervous when it looked like they wouldn’t give them back to me. Turns out they really are the jewels of Gwahan. Before Desmindina could convince them that I should have the jewels back she had to prove I was directly descended from the last Queen of Gwahan. 

      Let me tell you I don’t EVER want to go through that ordeal again. Desmindina explained to me the process I might have to go through to prove my heritage. It basically has something to do with latent memories hidden inside our brains. By using crystals and potions (that are awful to smell, let alone drink) the Mages can open up that unlocked part of the brain and obtain the lineage of a person.

      If I had thought the potions were unpleasant to drink, the effect they had on me was worse.  The crystals then intensified the effects. Thankfully after a while I blacked out. When I woke up I felt as if I’d been hit on the head with a brick about 20 times. The smallest amount of light or sound made my head feel worse. The good news, though, the Council of Mages has declared that I am indeed descended from the last Queen of Gwahan and am therefore a Princess.

      With this news come the fact that I am to be sent to a proper finishing school, where I will learn court manners, embroidery and the like. I guess I have about another month with Desmindina while my wardrobe is being prepared. I just received word that Michael’s almost convinced the King’s council that I am a suitable bride. He’s promised to help escort me to the school. If all goes well, we’ll be stopping at the castle to formally announce our engagement.



The End

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