Chrsiteen's Diary: 17a y 8 m 1 w (Part 2)

      To this day no one knows what really happened to her. It is one of those mysteries that Sorcerers and Sorceresses discus the way scientist discus the Big Bang (my analogy, not hers). Desmindina belongs to those who believe that residue of magic left by the mage wars (which took place Years before) had caused a rift that the Queen and child had fallen into. The jewels could not be found because the rift had closed after she fell though leaving her stranded in someplace not connected to this one.

      It turns out that my great-grandmother’s jewelry is that set, which would mean I am the descendant of the royal family Gwahan. She still has to confirm this with the Council of Mages but she does not think there will be much opposition. Especially since she’s been receiving inquiries about an unidentified magical artifact in her tower since I arrived.

      If the Council of Mages does determine that they are the Jewels of Gwahan and I am the direct descendant of the last Queen of Gwahan, I will be crowned as Princess. What that does I’m not sure, since there isn’t a kingdom left, nor could I take back the land that was the kingdom. But at least it might mean that the King (Michael’s father) and his council will finally grant our marriage.

      Michael’s only been able to visit once, though I get a letter from him almost every week (which is why I haven’t written, I’ve been busy writing back to him). I guess his father approves of me but his council, which consists of the lords and dukes of the kingdom, would rather the Michael take a bride of their status before he takes one of mine. They consider my rank to be unknown, which is almost worse than a peasant, because the Duchy of Woodward does not, and never did, exist in this world.



The End

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