Chrsiteen's Diary: 17a y 8 m 1 w (Part 1)

Dear Diary,

      You wouldn’t believe how much there is to learn about being a Princess. It has been quite a task just to remember people’s names, let alone their titles. Not only have I been learning my manners, I’ve been learning to live in the clothing. What I learned from being in the Faire was only part of it. I’m not used to wearing it from dawn to dusk. As it is I’m trying to write this under the light of a candle. It’s a little hard.

      What I’d really like to tell you is that Desmindina was quite interested in my great-grandmother’s jewels. I was a little hesitant to hand them over, I’m sure you can understand why. She promised that she would return them un-harmed so last week I finally let her have them. She brought them back to me last night with the following tail, well history really.

      She had suspected that prophesy bride was not devoid of connections to this world. In fact she highly suspected that the bride would be tied to the mysterious disappearance of a kingdom long ago. Of course I asked her how a kingdom could disappear, after all a kingdom is made up of land and people, and she gave the impression that it had been quite a large one.

      Apparently a kingdom is really defined by its ruler and it was the ruler’s disappearance that is the mystery. One day all was well, things were looking up because the Queen had just given birth to a baby girl and then poof! The Queen and the baby Princess were gone.

      It was determined that the Queen and baby had been abducted by magic. The key to finding her and the child was linked to the jewelry that she wore. This jewelry had been enchanted so that it could only be given away, never taken. Being enchanted gave the jewelry a resonance that allowed it to be searched for; hence the reason for it belonging to a Queen.

       Who would abduct someone that can be found quickly and easily? Search as the King’s Sorcerers might they could not find one trace of those jewels and so they had to assume that she had been abducted by a Rogue Sorcerer; who had either broken the laws of magic or had found a way to un-enchant the jewels.

      Since no ransom note was ever delivered, nor any trace of a Rogue Sorcerer found, the search was called off. There was nothing they could do to find her.  With this news the King went into a depression and within 10 years he had been killed and the land had been taken over by the neighboring kingdoms.

The End

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