Christeen's Diary: 17a y 7 m 2 w (Part 3)

      Then Desmindina glided in and bellowed for Silence. We both shut up. She told us to gaze into the mirror on the far wall. First all I could see was a reflection of the room. Then I saw the ship and Michael and I standing on the balcony. My choice Desmindina said had been between life and death. By taking Michael’s hand I had chosen life. If I had stayed on the deck, she pointed to the mirror in silence. I watched it horrified.

      Michael and I had just jumped off the balcony right as an explosion tore apart the ship. As the image kept playing out, I watched the ship sink. It didn’t look like anyone had survived. Which meant my Aunt, and Sarah and Jonathan hadn’t survived either. Michael put his arms around me, and I cried. For the first time in my life I was able to cry, for all of them.

      I cried for my mom and dad who died as Ryan and I watched, for Ryan who had never let himself show the frustration he felt when he got sick, for Sarah and Jonathan who had tried to replace the parents we lost and for my Aunt with whom my relationship would have only gotten better over the years. I don’t know when Desmindina left the room, but by the time I had stopped sobbing she was gone.

      It is strange how much one can grow in a sort span of time. I feel as though I’ve gone from a teenager to an adult in the span of a week. Unfortunately Michael couldn’t stay long had to leave two days after we arrived, but I have been studying under his Aunt Desmindina. There is so much I have to learn before I can even think of joining him. He did promise that he’ll visit as often as he can, and that he’ll make sure the wedding isn’t put off for too long.



The End

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