Christeen's Diary: 17a y 7 m 2 w (Part 2)

      We would have kissed then if the ship hadn’t stuttered, and you could hear the sound of metal grinding, right after that the claxon went off. Next thing I knew I had grabbed my diary (you) and the box with my great-grandmother’s jewels and was on our balcony with Michael.

      I could barely see anything, the fog was so thick. I could hear the muffled voices of people as the boat began to be evacuated. Michael climbed over the railing and stood on the other side. He offered his hand to help me do the same. I hesitated, because that’s not how we were taught how to evacuate the boat. He asked me if I trusted him. Since I did, I let him help me over.

      We stood on the other side facing the sea holding hands. Michael counted to 3 and we jumped. The water wasn’t nearly as far down as I thought it was, nor was it as cold as I expected. I’m glad I know how to float, because the gown kept trying to drag me down. Michael kept a tight hold of my hand, which made it hard for him to tread water. It was strangely silent; not a sound from where the ship was.

      Michael startled me by bellowing out ‘Desmindina!’ I swear the fog became thicker; then Michael was standing next to me. By the time he had helped me stand and walk to shore the fog had cleared. Despite the fact the sun was shining, I was shivering so Michael put his arms around me. I could feel him shivering too. I looked up when he said ‘Desmindina’ again. She was standing at the tree line.

      We made for her as Michael berated her for the awful journey that she put us through. She simply shrugged and turned around to follow a path. We followed her and Michael fell silent.

      When we arrived at the tower Desmindina gave us clean clothing and blankets. By the time I had changed and was sitting by the fire drinking a cup of warm liquid I realized that what Michael had told me was true and that I was in his world.

      That afternoon Michael and I had our first fight, and hopefully only one. I blew up at him because he hadn’t asked me if I wanted to come here with him. He insisted that I had agreed when I took his hand to climb over the railing. Our voices became louder and louder until we were shouting at each other.

The End

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