Chrsiteen's Diary: 17a y 7 m 2 w (Part 1)

Dear Diary,

      You would not believe all that has happened to me in the past week! I barely believe it myself. Anyway I’ll try to put this all down in some semblance of order. You’ll also notice that I’ve noted this entry as 17a since I consider myself starting over, but you’ll see why that is in a bit.

      The person who knocked on my door was Michael. I told him to come in. He’s been to my room before, always standing and always with the door open. That night he came in and closed the door before sitting on the bed. I was sitting at the desk, which put me just out of his reach. He looked really nervous. My first thought was that he was going to ask me out; then I realized he was also worried. I mean really worried. After a few false starts he began to speak. What he told me was, at the time, unbelievable.

      He said that he wasn’t from my world. He came from a place where they lived in a society very similar to that which existed during the Renaissance. His world was ruled by might and magic and destiny. When I had gone to the Ball I had stepped into his world. His Aunt, a powerful sorceress, was the one who bridged the gap, allowing passage between the two worlds.

      Growing up as he did, as a Prince, he had learned that his life was not one of choices, but decisions. He knew that his wife would be determined by politics not love, and so he had shunned all love. When his Aunt arrived on his 13th Birthday, she brought news with her that made him turn even colder.

      His Aunt had announced that he was the prophesized one who would bring peace to the land with the aid of a foreign bride. So he had gone with his Aunt to learn what he needed to know to fulfill the prophesy. This was his last task, to find his ordained bride by the signs given to him and to bring her home.

      All the while he kept his head down, as if he was confessing a crime. Then he looked up at me and said my name so, emotionally, that I moved to sit next to him. He took both my hands in his. He had found his bride, he said as he looked at me, and beyond all dreams, he had found love.

The End

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