Christeen's Diary: 17 y 6 m 4 w

Dear Diary,

     This past week was really hectic. First we went out and purchased travel trunks. I found a really cool antique one. Then we had to figure out what we were taking on our Transatlantic Cruise. We’ll be out a sea for Halloween so I decided I’d bring my gown from the Masquerade. Plus there will be all these nice dinners and a couple dances. Of course I had to complete the packing of everything that will be shipped over.  But here I am on the ship Atlantic.

     I don’t think my Aunt spared any expense for this cruise. We, Michael, my Aunt and I have a suite on the upper deck. Jonathan and Sarah have one on the deck below us. Our suite has three bedrooms with individual bathrooms, Aunt’s bathroom has the Jacuzzi tub, but the tub in my room is quite nice (especially since I haven’t been able to take a bath since we moved from the mansion). We have a living/dining area and a privet balcony. Jonathan and Sarah’s place isn’t quite as nice. They have to share a bathroom, but I think they are used to that. The living space isn’t quite as big but they do have access to the deck (there are inner rooms that don’t).

     There were other rooms in the deck below that but they only have windows. I peeked into one of those rooms when I was exploring the ship with Michael, they looked small too, especially as the bedroom was combined with the living space. Michael laughed at how much I wanted to see today, but he had to agree that it was the best time since people were still arriving and all the rooms hadn’t been claimed.

     I also wanted to see it for Ryan, I know he would have dragged me around more than I did Michael. I didn’t tell Michael why I wanted to see it all, I haven’t really mentioned Ryan to him because I know how silly seems it seems to still explore for Ryan like I did when he was sick.

     Once Sarah stated that Ryan was too curious and I wasn’t curious enough. I figure if I keep exploring for Ryan I might figure out what the right amount of curiosity is.



The End

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