Christeen's Diary: 17 y 6 m 3 w

Dear Diary,

     This was the last weekend of the Faire. It went off wonderfully. Michael, of course, was the final suitor to win my hand. There was, of course, the ‘Marriage of the Princess’ play and a parade of the couple in a carriage though the Fair grounds at the end of the very last day.

     What makes my hand quiver as I write this is that Michael kissed me after the ‘wedding’. I know that’s what’s supposed to happen in a wedding, the whole ‘you may now kiss the bride’ thing. I’d expected just a light kiss on the lips, but I got more. I mean, no tongue or anything (there are kids at the Faire), but the way he pulled me against him and pressed his lips to mine, I just shiver thinking about it.

     If I had any doubts about him liking me, they are gone now. Unfortunately, finding out that he likes me, as much as I like him, just before we leave for Europe put a damper on my elation. I put on a good show, but I couldn’t help but show my sadness once we got back to the performer’s area. He was so concerned, asking if he’d done anything wrong or if he’d misread my feelings.

     Of course I told him that neither was the case; he’s the best thing that’s happened to me since Ryan died, maybe even since our parents died. It took a bit, but I was finally able to tell him how ironic it seemed that just as I was moving to Europe, I’d find a guy I’d be willing to date. He laughed and told me that neither distance nor time would keep him from me.

     In fact, Europe really puts me closer to him since he’s from there. I can’t believe I didn’t think of that before. Even better was the fact that my Aunt had invited him to join us on the boat we were taking over. Can you believe that?

     I’d always thought my Aunt would be the one to take away any happiness I’d gained, and now she seems to be helping it. That’s a whole two weeks of Michael and me being together. A whole two weeks! I just hope we don’t get sick of each other. Boats don’t have too many places to go.




The End

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