Christeen's Diary: 17 y 6 m 2.4 w (Part 2)

     I’d been on the balcony for a little while, kind of hidden from the crowd by the curtain. One of the young men I’d been introduced to came out. He handed me another glass of wine, I’d managed to set mine down earlier, and began talking to me. I don’t remember what he talked about, but I remember him turning my face towards him and leaning down to kiss me.

     Someone cleared their throat behind him and I saw Michael. I could have died on that spot, he looked so mad. Michael’s voice sounded like steel when he spoke to the man, his hand was on his sword. I swear the party stopped for a moment while the two stared each other down. Michael told him once more to leave before the man did. Soon as the man left, the party seemed to start again. I handed Michael the glass of wine I’d been given and he drank it in one gulp then turned and threw it to the ground below.

     I was scared of Michael at that point, I wasn’t sure what he was going to do, let alone what he might think of me. I mumbled and apology about drinking too much wine and he turned to look at me. He gave me a half smile and leaned against the railing. I found out then that Jason, the young man, was the scoundrel of the court, in fact he’d gotten Michael’s sister pregnant so they had been wed last year. I guess he’s had his way with all but a few of the court ladies, and continues to do so right under his wife’s nose.

     That certainly seemed to explain a lot about Michael’s sister. It also explains why the party stopped during their confrontation. He told me that someday he wouldn’t be able to take the man’s infidelity, whether his sister did or not. I told Michael he’d better make sure he chose the time and place rather than Jason. 

     After a pause he told me that the title I’d given to be introduced as was brilliant. I informed him that there was truth behind it and told him what I‘d just found out. I swear he breathed a sigh of relief before he smiled at me. I could lose myself in his smile and his eyes. I get this sense that he only smiles that way for me. But anyway the rest of the night passed with out further incidence. Michael apologized for not being able to take me home himself, but he did walk me out to where the carriage was waiting.

     Amy was already there and Michael asked her to take good care of me. She just laughed at him and asked him why she wouldn’t, with a wink. She began talking again, this time wanting to know how the ball went, and if I’d met that rascal Jason, and oh couldn’t she just lock him in a dungeon, for all the good it’d do.

     The fog was still thick as we road back and I must have dozed off because Amy had to wake me when we got back to the ron-di-vous point. I dozed most of the way home too. Both Aunt Agatha and Sarah were waiting for me when I got in. I told them I’d had a lot of fun, but I was exhausted.

     I was going to give the jewelry back to my Aunt but she insisted that I keep it, in fact she even gave me the box that she stored them in. So finally I’m all ready for bed. As I think about the Ball, I feel a though the people at the Ball live as if they were in 13th Century. I think I’ll have to ask Michael about that, but right now I’m too tired to think anymore, let alone write.



The End

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