Christeen's Diary: 17 y 6 m 2.4 w (Part 1)

Dear Diary,

       My Aunt had one of her professional photographers come over last night just as I finished getting ready for the Masquerade Ball. Aunt Agatha even had Sarah and John dress nicely with her so all of us could have our picture taken. The only thing to sadden me was that Ryan wasn’t there. But then John drove me over to the ron-di-vous point in the Roles. There was a carriage waiting for me when we got there, but no Michael. There was a woman there with the carriage driver. She introduced herself as Michael’s nanny Amy and how he was so disappointed that he couldn’t be out here to meet me, but that he’d be sure to spend as much time with me when I arrived as duty would allow.

       And on she went, from the time I got out of the car to the time I stepped out of the carriage. Actually I enjoyed listening to her ramble on about this person and that person, basically giving me the who’s who of the Masquerade. Not only was it quite informative, though I didn’t know how much till I began to mingle, but it whiled away the time since it was a long ride. Not only that but a fog seemed to have rolled in and I couldn’t see much of what was around. 

     When we got to the castle she escorted me to the door of the hall where she stopped to tell the guard something when she looked back at me. It was too funny, because she’d just realized she hadn’t even gotten my name or title after all that trip. I decided that I’d take my great-grandmother’s title as the Duchess of Woodward, and so I was announced into the room.

     I’d gotten the impression that there would be a lot of people, but I never expected the brilliance that they wore. The fabrics Michael had given me didn’t seem so rare and unusual in that room. I almost wanted to turn around and leave when I looked at the costumes of the other people, they seemed so much better than mine. But Amy just pushed me into that crowd, told me the Prince was in the blue and silver.

    There I was in the middle of it all, so I put on a smile, hid behind my mask and wondered where the drinks were. I hadn’t gotten very far when the crowd seemed to part and there was Michael in all his splendor. I was horribly mistaken that our Renaissance Fair did a good imitation of the richness of a Prince’s dress. Michael sailed around the room and I was swept up with him and he introduced me to practically everyone.

    Some where along the line I ended up with a glass of wine, that kept getting refilled. I met the Queen (Michael’s mother) who called me the fire that was melting her son’s ice. Michael’s sister was quite the person to meet. Her costume was the most outrageous in the room, which made me realize that a lot of the Ladies had been attempting to copy her style. The King was a somber man and I ended up dancing with him once. As he lead me back to Michael he harrumphed ‘she’s a good dancer’ which made the queen smile. 

      About two thirds of the way through the evening I managed to slip out to one of the balconies. I’d begun feeling a little stuffy in the room. So many people seemed to want to talk with me and ask me things, like where Woodward was, and how long had my family held it, and how they’d never heard of it. I was probably a little tipsy at that point too, because I don’t think things would have happened the way they did, if I wasn’t.


The End

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