Christeen's Diary: 17 y 6 m 2.3 w

Dear Diary,

     Sorry I didn’t write this weekend. My costume has taken a lot more effort than I thought it would. Once the designing was done, Sarah had tried to do some of the sewing by machine. Her sewing machine couldn’t handle it. The brocade is too lose and the silks are too slippery so we’ve had to do all the sewing by hand. Not to mention I think the gold in the brocade really is spun gold. I’m beginning to realize just how much these fabrics must have cost. It certainly makes me try to use it all judiciously, somehow I don’t think I could get any more like it, or even anything close to it on my own.

     We did the final fitting today and not too soon either, since we’ll just have enough time to finish it up before I put it on tonight. Aunt Agatha passed by the room while Sarah was fussing with it on me. Aunt Agatha stopped to watch for a bit and she had this totally weird look on her face the whole time. I have no clue what she’s feeling. I can hear her talking to Sarah now, I know the neckline is a little lower than she’s used to seeing on me. Well there’s no way to adjust it now. Tonight will be so much fun. Michael told me it’s really being done up very realistically, down to using candle chandeliers! I can’t wait.

     Oh my God!, now I know what Aunt Agatha was talking to Sarah about. She just gave me her grandmother’s ruby jewelry set. I was kind of wondering what I would be wearing for jewelry, but this is more wonderful than I’d expect, especially from Aunt Agatha. I guess she’s not so bad after all. Did you know her grandmother was the last Duchess of Woodward? The jewelry set my Aunt gave me was the only jewelry my grandmother didn’t sell to pay my great-grandfather’s debt. I guess she had just enough money left to bring her and her baby daughter to America to start over. So I guess that makes us an old family with new money. Anyway the jewelry is gorgeous. The set contains a tiara, a necklace, bracelet, ring and earrings all with rubies and red fire opals set in gold. Now I’m so excited I can barely write. I’ll make sure to write about the Ball .



The End

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