Christeen's Diary: 17 y 6 m 1.2 w

Dear Diary,

     I am failing my resolve to write only once a week. I just have to write about today, and if you haven’t guessed it’s about Michael, I’d have to wonder if you’re paying attention.

     I was looking though Sarah’s costume book on 13th century garb in my room when Michael knocked. He told me that he’d brought over some things that I could use for the Masquerade Ball.  Which is when John came in loaded down shortly followed by Sarah who had another bundle. John left after he set his down, but Sarah only stepped back far enough to let me in to them. I unwrapped the one Sarah had brought up first. From what I could tell they were undergarments and when I looked over at Michael, he said his sister decided that I would need those to make the costume look authentic. It was cute the way he turned slightly red because he seemed a little embarrassed about that. Sarah was really impressed by them because they were all hand sewn. When I got her to set those aside I unwrapped the larger bundle. I can’t describe to you how beautiful the fabric was. It was a black, red and gold brocade which gave the illusion of feathers. There was also red and black silk to go with it. I was so excited I hugged Michael, which made him blush even more. He mumbled something about it having been sitting around for some decorating project that his sister had dreamt up for the nursery. Michael didn’t stay much longer, though Aunt Agatha invited him to dinner, he declined because he had promised his mother he’d get fitted for his costume today.

     Thankfully Sarah left shortly after Michael left so I could look at the fabric in peace. There’s 15 yards of the brocade and 10 yards each of the two silks. The width is 72 inches. They look hand woven, and the undergarments were definitely made without the help of modern conveniences.

     I think I’ll go with a Phoenix theme, the colors are right. I can make a simple mask, use the black silk for the beak and cover the rest with the brocade. I’ll have to think about how I want to imply a tail, and how to do my hair.



The End

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