Christeen's Diary: 17 y 6 m 1 w

Dear Diary,

     At the end of the Fair today Michael asked me if I wanted to go to a Masquerade Ball. It was to take place on Thursday, two weeks from now. Since that’s two weeks before we leave I hesitated. He told me that he could introduce me to some people he just knew I’d like. So I mumbled something about not knowing what to wear and all my costumes having been shipped to Europe. He told me I shouldn’t worry about that because he’d buy my costume if he had to. That really made me look at him, no one’s ever offered to buy me anything. Even Sarah stopped getting me gifts after my 13th birthday. Michael looked so eager to have me go I had to smile. I told him I’d have to ask Aunt Agatha and he told me he’d already got her permission. I think I stared at him too long because he mumbled something about, that being how it was done, and kind of walked away. So I followed him and asked him what kind of Masquerade Ball it was. That puzzled him a little till I started describing some of the costumes I could wear. Turns out the costumes will be 13th century and I’ll need a mask.

     Aunt Agatha gave me a limited spending budget for my costume so tomorrow I need to figure out what I want and what it will take to make it. Sarah said that I should go think of something that would use reds and yellows because those are colors I look good in.



The End

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