Chrsiteen's Diary: 17 y 5 m 3.5 w

Dear Diary,

     Michael came over today. I had just printed the last page of my report when Sarah came upstairs to tell me I had a visitor. For the life of me I couldn’t figure out who would visit me on a school day. I didn’t think it would be anyone from the Fair, and I didn’t have any close friends from school. I was surprised when I saw that it was Michael. He was asking me if I wanted to go riding when Aunt Agatha came in. She asked if I was ready to turn in my report. I told her I just needed to assemble it. Then she asked if Michael could supply me with a horse, since ours are in Europe. He said he could. So she told me to finish my report, hand it in, then I could go. Then she left, leaving me alone with Michael. I asked Michael if he minded waiting or if he’d rather come back. He decided to wait. Before I could suggest he wait in the garden or parlor, Sarah arrived and suggested he go to my room with me. I guess I didn’t need to be so mortified, I keep my room neat and it only contains the bare minimum to survive (my favorite books and most treasured stuffed animals). So we headed upstairs and I ended up telling Michael all about the report I wrote. He had some funny comments on what the historians said things were like.

     After I finished and turned in the completed report to Aunt Agatha, Sarah drove Michael and I to the Fair grounds to go riding. There were two horses there waiting for us. I automatically went for the Palomino because she looked so much like Sable. I held my hand out with my typical offering grain (I never put on my riding coat with out putting some of the good grain in the pocket). After she ate what was in my hand she made for my pocket and I had to laugh. Michael seemed really amazed that she had eaten from my hand, in fact he only knew of one other, beside himself, who she would accept food from, and that was John, their stable master. I’m surprised that Sarah didn’t find a way to tag along. The day was really beautiful for a ride, and I know she would have like too. Michael and I rode all over the Fair grounds and the park it’s in. We talked about many different things, a lot of it centered around the Renaissance actually. As he helped me dismount he told me he thought I’d make a very good ruler. Sometimes he makes the strangest compliments, at least that’s what I took the statement to be.



The End

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