Christeen's Diary: 17 y 5 m 2 w

Dear Diary,

     Mistress Justine had to call Michael to task today. It seems he forgot he was supposed to lose to Chris. I guess he also hurt Ed in the earlier tournament. Justine gave us all a lecture reminding us that this a play and that, no matter how good we were, she’d cut us out if we didn’t remember that. I feel bad for Michael, he looked pretty dejected after that. Everyone was giving him looks, because they all knew why we were getting That lecture. I pretended I had a lot of stuff to do so I could leave late. After most people had left I managed to catch Michael. He gave me this funny, almost sad look as I approached. I told him not to feel so bad because we always got That lecture at least once every Fair and everyone had been the cause, at one time. He actually smiled and thanked me for saying that.

     Michael’s a complete puzzle to me. Most of the time I can figure out what’s going on with people, comes from my years of watching them, but Michael’s really hard to read. I feel like there’s a piece of him that I’m not getting because I don’t know about it, yet something tells me I should. I’d really like to hang out with him more, but I feel that this whole move overshadows things, maybe that’s why he’s always sad but glad to talk to me. I don’t know what Sarah’s thinking, she was encouraging Aunt Agatha on having him over for dinner again. I think they want to torture me.



The End

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