Chrsiteen's Diary: 17 y 5 m 1.5 w

Dear Diary,

     Michael came over for dinner today. He looked really uncomfortable in regular clothing. He still acted like a Prince though, and treated Aunt Agatha like a  high born lady. I don’t think she knew what to make of him, but she seemed impressed at least. After diner Michael and I hung out in the garden. ( Did I mention this ‘apartment’ comes completed with a large outdoor garden, tended by a gardener?)  What was weird was the way he talked, he dropped the Prince attitude, but he never dropped the accent. The funny part of the thing was that Michael seemed puzzled at the way I was living. For some reason he had the impression that I actually lived in a castle, like a princess. A strange interpretation of what the Fair cast knew about me. I ended up having to explain that we’re moving to Europe. I also told him why I lived with Aunt Agatha. I still hate to tell people about the circumstances, you’d think that after 8 years it’d get easier. What was weird is, I didn’t get the pity I’ve come to expect from people. Michael seemed to actually understand and offered his sympathy. After that we talked about what it must have been like to live in Europe during the Renaissance. I think that’s the most interesting conversation I’ve had with anyone since Ryan departed. Before Michael left he kissed my hand and told me he looked forward to seeing me at the Fair.



The End

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