Christeen's Diary: 17 y 4 m 3 w

Dear Diary,

Furnished apartment? This place is more like a furnished house. We moved in today. There are 4 bedrooms, two of which have their own bathrooms. Aunt Agatha got the master, which has a huge walk in closet and a Jacuzzi as well as a shower in the bathroom. My bedroom has the other privet bath, which only has a shower. Sarah and Jonathan have to share the third bathroom. Thankfully there’s a half bath downstairs for guests, and we’ve had a few. Oh, and the downstairs has a living room, dinning room, kitchen with a ‘breakfast nook’ and a family room. I hear there will be a big party for us before we leave.

     The Fair was pretty much the same as last weekend. What’s really funny is watching Michael after the Fair is over. I have yet to see him fall out of character.  No wonder Mistress Justine didn’t have to be persuaded to let him in. Sarah really had to work her to let me in. Oh well, I have a history paper to write, and to think I was excited about not going to school.



The End

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